Mar/re/ooh/na; verb; to dance with no shame In Yolngu culture dance plays a pivotal role. There's ceremonial dance, celebratory dance and then there's Marryuna; to dance with no shame, to freestyle for the sheer elation of dancing. Marryuna is the second highly anticipated single from Arnhem Land's ascending hip hop star Baker Boy. Directed by Daniel King and Produced by Rebecca McLean - Sharp Film Productions

Dirty Fog by Matt Walker

Director Rebecca McLean
DOP Mark Pugh
Editor Douglas Brook

Holy Roll by Victoriana Gaye

Shot and edited by Rebecca McLean
In collaboration with Adele Fleur, Rick Swaney, Jeff Raglus and Vicki Gaye Philipp
A commission by Victoriana Gaye

Walk Along Water by Victoriana Gaye

Footage shot by Jeff Raglus and Vicki Gaye Philipp
Music performed by Victoriana Gaye
Edited by Rebecca McLean